Crane Authentication is Proud and Honored to Collaborate with HP Indigo!

Collaboration brings best-in-class security solutions to brand owners worldwide.

Crane Authentication is pleased to announce its collaboration with HP Indigo to bring best-in-class security print solutions to its customers. The collaboration ensures users of Crane Authentication’s micro-optic films have access to the high quality and innovative printing standards of HP Indigo digital presses.

This is the result of close collaboration with HP Indigo. Crane Authentication strives to create and deliver micro-optic films and labels that meet and exceed the most demanding standards in conversion and printing.  Crane Authentication customers can now leverage the best overt technologies from Crane in exciting combinations with HP Indigo’s high standards.
Sales Director, Jessica Wirka comments, “With our technological and digital capabilities, paired with our innovative mindset, we’re helping our customers to maximize the benefits from this partnership. Our collaboration unlocks entirely new, cost-effective and scalable overt combinations that create labels as visually stunning as they are secure.”

HP Indigo certified software, substrates and inks have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with HP Indigo’s printers. Crane’s PROFOUND™ films are compatible with HP's ElectroInk technology and HP Indigo Printers for use in brand security labels and packaging.

HP Indigo certification sets criteria that assures users that suppliers of compatible materials like Crane’s PROFOUND™ micro-optic films demonstrate an ability to provide superior service and support, regional and global coverage, and environmental responsibility. 

Our HP Indigo certification helps HP Indigo press owners to bring the most counterfeit resistant and intuitive overt technology to their customers. 

Crane Authentication is proudly HP Indigo Certified!