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  • Trust Begins with a Glance

    In a world where everything seems to be moving faster, where we lose control of our surroundings and nothing is what it seems, human beings long to find confidence in...

  • The Intersection of Security and Sustainability: PROFOUND™ Eco

    As environmental consciousness grows, businesses are increasingly adopting practices that support a circular economy to reduce their impact on the environment. Sustainable packaging aims to minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and promote responsible material use – and this is why Crane’s Research and Development and Product Management Teams worked tirelessly to add to the PROFOUND™ family of secure labels a solution that thwarts product fakes and uses a high percentage of recycled consumer material. 

  • Crane NXT Completes Acquisition of OpSec Security

    Crane NXT, Co., a premier industrial technology company, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of OpSec Security (“OpSec”), a global leader in brand protection and authentication solutions.

  • The 3D Design Journey Changing an Industry

    Not many 3D designers in the world have had the opportunity to change an entire industry. Using their skillset to innovate security design technology – helping all of us to quickly identify if a banknote or product is genuine or not. Washington Egas is one of the few who has seen the evolution from the inside.