Sustainability & ESG

We strive to be a company with which you will be proud to partner. We invest our time and resources into programs that improve associate safety and reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Banknote Paper into Tissue Paper

    As a leading manufacturer of banknote paper, recycling is high on Crane Currency’s agenda. Sending waste to incineration to produce heat for central heating and generate electricity is one conventional alternative – but there are others.

  • New Water Filter for Banknote Paper Production

    The paper mill in Tumba, Sweden, has made banknote paper since 1755. Today, the business is run by Crane AB, producing durable and secure banknote paper for government printing works and for Crane’s own banknote printing works supporting central banks worldwide.

  • Solar Farm for Malta Printworks

    As part of its ongoing effort to reduce its carbon footprint and to tap into reusable energy, Crane Currency has invested €1 million in the installation of a large-scale solar farm in Malta.


ESG Reports

All documents related to financial reporting periods prior to April 3, 2023 pertain to pre-separation Crane Holdings, Co.