Crane Authentication Joins Octane5 at Annual User Conference 2023

Octane5, recently held their eighth Annual User Conference in Alpharetta, GA. Over 20 global brand clients were in attendance, that included the likes of Ford, Hershey, Honeywell and the NFLPA. Octane5 highlighted new features within BrandComply, their technology roadmap, and the continuing evolution of Verity™ Micro Optics. 

“Our annual User Conference is a highlight for both our clients and our team since it always provides a unique opportunity for cross-client collaboration, new ideas, and a bit of fun” said Mike Dunn, Founder and President of Octane5. “We find that in-person events give us a better opportunity to share and learn across clients. We then use this information to create even better products for customers.”

This year’s User Conference featured Nick Pearson, Principal Currency Technologist at Crane Currency as a presenter at the event. In his everyday work, Nick evaluates security features for counterfeit resilience to ensure Crane Currency provides security features having the highest level of security possible.  That generally means features that are easy to authenticate, but very, very difficult to counterfeit or simulate.  During the event, Nick demonstrated to brand owners how certain features which may look outwardly robust, can be easily and convincingly simulated.

“It’s always fun and interactive when those responsible for specifying security features start to think like criminals; they can realize how a shiny feature may not offer the sort of protection they once thought,” said Nick Pearson. When speaking of shiny, diffractive features, Pearson cautions that, “All that glitters is not gold – easy to notice might just as well mean, easy to simulate.”

“We are pleased that so many of our clients traveled from around the country for this event,” said Mike Dunn. “It truly shows their commitment to continuing to advance their businesses and the practice of licensing. And, it was great having Crane Authentication support the event and help us illustrate in such a compelling way, why we believe so strongly in the advantages Crane’s micro-optics provide to our Verity™ solutions. We are already thinking about how to make next year’s User Conference even better.”