Micro-Optics Achieve Great Results in Perception Study

Visible branding & security effects are only useful if a consumer sees it, identifies it, & like what they see.

Perception Studies are the preferred way to determine that the images & effects are seen by consumers, & how much time they interact with the image. Crane commissioned a study to evaluate the public’s perception of 3D micro-optic security effects.

  • 70% thought the features were different than anything they had seen & would be hard to counterfeit.
  • Having previously seen an authentic sample, consumers took ~300 milliseconds to authenticate new samples.
  • Almost half wanted to touch the 3D effect to see if it they could trust their eyes.
  • A word cloud was created highlighting words used to describe the features- MOVES, COLOR, 3D.
  • People described the features as HOLOGRAPHIC. While micro-optics are not holographic, it seems the ease of authentication was based in part of people’s familiarity w/ holograms.

It seems clear that integrating hard-to-counterfeit micro-optic effects can help bring attention to a brand & assist consumers identify a product as real- even in low light. Click here to contact us to see if we can help solve your counterfeiting and branding challenges.